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About Me

Majid M. Padellan is an Art Director who enjoys learning as much as he enjoys teaching, directing, conceptualizing, writing, and designing.


He has worked for companies both large and small, serving a variety of industries including finance, pharmaceutical, retail, and media.


But this does NOT define him.

He is MANY things...

  • Proud Dad of 5 children (3 of whom have completed college), with 2 tweens not far behind

  • Proud husband of a woman who traveled across the planet from New Zealand to spend her life with him

  • Dog lover

  • Eclectic music lover, enjoys everything from Elvis Costello to Prince, from The Beatles to Mozart to Kendrick Lamar.

  • Comic book nerd who is steadily running out of closet space for his collection

  • Yankee Fan

Some people spend a lifetime looking for a career that makes them happy. 

I’ve been fortunate: I’ve spent MOST of my life in a career – DESIGN – that gives me true joy. The kind of joy that has me emailing samples of my work to my wife, in the middle of the day, to show her my latest and greatest masterpiece.

My career has spanned three decades, in which I have acquired a vast treasure trove of experience and knowledge. I have used this knowledge to improve the skills of those who’ve worked above me, for me, and with me. I have designed multi-million dollar proposals and presentations to Disney and Lockheed Martin, as well as meeting materials for Medical Education companies like CC Ford Healthcare, Togorun, and Hospicom, and confidential financial presentations for private equity firms like Kohlberg & Company, TowerBrook, and Aisling Capital.

The experience doesn’t end there: In the past two years, I have written a winning proposal to the City of New York for an environmental signage project, and then proceeded to manage every aspect of the project, from conceptualization to design execution, client review/approval, production, and installation.

I was also responsible for a proposal to create a Scientific web app for Johnson & Johnson Vision. Upon winning the contract, I designed the UI/UX and worked with a developer to produce a communications portal with hundreds of references and source files.

Majid M. Padellan is that rare candidate who possesses a wealth of experience in print production, design, creative writing, marketing, project management, and Art Direction.  I approach each project with enthusiasm and a sense of endless optimism: for me, there is no such thing as “cannot.”

Although I *cannot* WAIT to show you what I can do.

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